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If you live in State of California we are here to help you with traffic school. The course we offer is with a Quality DMV licensed Traffic School. We have partnered with this quality Traffic Violator School because of the educational value of the course. We recognize that it is more convenient for you to take your course online when you have the time. Keeping your knowledge current and your driving record clean is the reason for the course. The course is licensed by DMV for traffic citations in California. Save money on Insurance because the traffic ticket is masked. Keep your driving record clean and update your knowledge. Steps to completion of your Online Traffic School Step 1: Press the Registration Button - Top of this page . Step 2: Fill in your personal Information - All information can be changed later of if you error when you input. The email address cannot be changed, check for accuracy as this will become the account name. If you have taken a course with us in the past you will need a different email address as your email address is stored so we can access your records. Step 3: At the end of the information form you will have options to pay for the course. The cost is $33.00 - And if you any questions, please call us at 1-408-972-4591 or (650) 368-2200, we will work on a swift submission of your course completion. Step 4: As you go through the course please do not walk away from your computer. This course has a timer on it and walking away will only extend the time it takes to complete the course. it checks for human activity every few minutes. Login and out as you come and go from the computer. Step 5: Study through the chapters of the course and complete each of them. Step 6: The final test. You will get 2 chances to pass, this is a DMV requirement. All traffic school courses have the same 2 chances for the final test. So once you start the test make sure it is quiet and you can concentrate on passing the test, so you pass the first time. Step 7: After completion we will automatically know that you have completed the course and YOU ARE DONE! The course will be submitted to DMV for you. If you have passed the Final Test, filled out the required evaluation and viewed the completion certificate, (you should print the completion certificate for your own records) rest assured the passing course will be submitted for you. Step 8: After your course completion is submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Court will access the DMV records and complete traffic school records on their end. The court then resubmits back to DMV to mask the ticket from your record. Normally things go well with this court and DMV submission Relationship . But if it does not go well, the TVS provider can access the court submission information and most likely be able to tell you what you need to do to get the submission corrected, so you are protected. In some cases we can just resubmit for you to clear an error or set you on the short path to clearing the ticket up yourself with less runaround. Step 9: At the end of your course you will get a certificate. It may seem kind of unimportant at the time, but make sure you print it and keep it. With all the traffic schools out there you may forget who you took your Traffic Violator Course for your Ticket with. Also bookmark this site for additional protection.

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If you got your ticket in the State of California you can attend our traffic school and we will report to DMV for you.

Online Course is our only option.

We recommend an online course because it is safe, fast and easily completed in a few hours. If your worried about doing online, take a breath and sign up, its not that hard to do or complete it, just follow the guided steps provided or call us if something is confusing. We want you to have a positive experi- ence with our network If you have a question give us a call at (408) 972-4591 or (650) 368-2200
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Welcome to Allied Driving School Online Traffic School site. Allied Driving School has been offering reliable service for many years. We have a good track record of happy students, thousands and thousands of students, from the many years we have been offering quality training, we keep up our records for our students safety, the course you are about to sign up for is fully automated so you can easy complete and not worry after completion. We want you to complete your class fast and problem free.
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